Episode 136

Published on:

17th Aug 2020

Episode 136 – Why Am I Scared

"There are things that feel like they are out of control. And when that pile gets big enough, it feels like life is just out of control. And the more that loss of control piles up, the more powerless and frustrated we feel. When we feel powerless and frustrated. We then start to have this growing sense of fear because we no longer feeling control of our future." - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn 

 Fear is a choice. Some people think that the opposite of love is hate. It's not. The opposite of love is fear. Fear is the lowest form of existence above death, and anxiety sometimes morphs into anger or other emotions. But, what's going on that is creating so much fear? What are we afraid of? Death…

 Death is simply a transition from this mortal frame to some other place. But it isn't the end. And you also know that death is not final, and it is not the end. So fear of death isn't the greatest fear. And fear itself is only a construct of the mind. Right now, we're in the middle of a pandemic worldwide. Not only the United States was stunned by COVID, but it is across the globe. And, thinking of that forms the terror in our minds about different things.  

So instead of feeling that fear. Think about how you will enjoy your life. Choose to laugh and be happy. Take over your feeling of fear. Take control of your mind. Instead of being negative and full of anger in your heart, feel empathy, a real understanding of hope. And I can promise, if you do, you will feel a sense of control. You will have control and take great strides toward creating your ultimate life.

Key Takeaways

“You have absolute control over your life. I'm going to say that again because you might want to argue that you have absolute 100% control of your life in all aspects in all respects at all times. I'm not saying you have control over what other people do or what they think or how they act because you neither do I. But the experience that I have of life is in my hands. Nothing comes into my life that I have not created, attracted, or chosen to experience.”

 “The only things I experience are those I choose to experience. If I experience fear, it is because I called it to myself. Remember, no one can bring you a cup of fear. It is something that exists in your mind and your bloodstream in the form of neurotransmitters. No one can bring you a cup that has liquid in it or powder that is fear. It is all in our minds.” 

“That truth is so powerful, that it can change your life for the better in one day, in one minute in one hour. If you stop and realize right now, that fear is of your own creation, it can also be of your own dissolution, or you can get rid of it. You can dissolve it eliminated and eradicated from your life this instant if you want to. And I can promise it if you do, you will feel a sense of control.”

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