Episode 160

Published on:

10th Sep 2020

Episode 160 – Destroyed By Corona Virus

In this episode, Kellan talks about what has been destroyed when we say, “Destroyed by Corona.” We find ourselves in a situation that will define our society’s ability to cope with adversity, just as previous generations dealt with war, financial crises, and illnesses.

Over the past few decades, our society has created illusions of comfort, safety, and “okayness”. The occurrence of this virus has forced society to re-evaluate what we thought we knew, and the uncertainty of it all has exposed how far we still need to go to accomplish real and meaningful change.

Life as we know it has been disrupted. But is that a bad thing? Are we content with the way things are? Or do we want to see a change in the world? If you don’t know how to change the world, Gandhi said you should be the change you wish to see in the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Coronavirus isn’t the only thing that’s going on right now.”
  • Our behavior during this time is particularly important. Many things have been destroyed, and not by the virus itself, but by our reactions. “Our behavior as a species around this event is going to mark a time in history when we made some interesting discoveries about ourselves, and our ability to cope with adversity.”
  • One illusion that has been constructed by our prosperity is that nothing bad is ever going to happen.
    “Nobody owes me anything. Nobody owes you anything. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re going to create your ultimate life, it’s going to be because you build it, not because you deserve it or anybody owed it to you.”
  • Another illusion that Coronavirus has destroyed is that there is automatically an answer for everything. We have all the smartest people in the world working on it, and we still don’t know what is going on.
    “We’ve created the ‘download and double-click universe’, which means that when any problem shows up, somebody somewhere has got the answer, and we just download and double-click and solve these problems, and they can all be solved within the length of a TV sitcom.”
  • Coronavirus has destroyed the illusion that life is easy.
    “It’s not easy. It never was easy. We had a temporary period of easiness, and now that illusion is gone.”
  • If we’re going to create some degree of ‘okayness’, there’s a lot of work we all have to do. Because of the blame and anger, we want somebody else to do the work.
    “In my experience in my own life, and my experience as a coach helping others achieve Ultimate Life, it all starts with working on yourself.”
  • “Real and substantive change in our circumstance, and life as we know it, is going to be accomplished only as we are willing to look inside our own hearts and minds and see where we are not behaving with integrity.”
  • “What I see around me, and what I’ve done myself in the past, is be addicted to mediocrity, satisfied with ‘this is as well as I can do.’”
  • “If destroying life as we know it means we wake up out of our sleep, and we awaken to the reality that both the opportunity and the obligation is in our hands, then I celebrate the end of that myth.”


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