Episode 725

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20th Dec 2022

Learn Your Soul Purpose, Eugenia Oganova's Story, #725

Our guest for today's episode is Eugenia Oganova who helps people with spiritual and energetic transformation, so they can create the business and life they seek. She is a business and marketing coach, soul strategist and wealth energetics expert.

Eugenia describes her ultimate life this way. "My ultimate life is the life of service where I get to show up fully as being myself without restrictions when I get to live on defend it and at the same time, support people in their own transformation and stepping into the next level of their consciousness."

Some of the topics and issues we'll discuss are:

00:34 - Welcome to our guest Eugenia Oganova

01:44 - My definition of My Ultimate Life

02:19 - Why most human beings are extremely defended, and what this means?

04:17 - The factory setting on the baby

05:38 - What are you stopping yourself from doing? What are our lifetime goals?

09:50 - What your emotions say about you.

13:32 - Helping people learn to sharpen their intiuition.

15:26 - What is soul design? Why it's important to know that each of us has a different access port to the Universal Intelligence.

18:48 - Are you a thinking person? A magnetic person? Feminine energy? or Masculine energy?

20:21 - What type of person are you? There are a couple of thousand different "types" which are you?

23:57 - What's blocking you? How do you get unstuck or unblocked?

27:57 - Why service is the most important gift and talent we can share.

30:56 - Next steps and learn more about what Eugenia does. She has tons of free material, data, YouTube videos.

To learn more about what Eugenia is doing, visit her website more information, at


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Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/eugenia.oganova


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