Episode 761

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25th Apr 2023

Navigating Teen Substance Abuse and the Importance of Self-Ownership: Marsha Vanwynsberghe's Journey, #761

Discussed in this episode of Your Ultimate Life Podcast with host Kellan Fluckiger and guest Marsha VanWynsburghe (MarshaVanW across social media):

  1. The importance of ownership and taking responsibility for our choices.
  2. Recognizing that we don't have control over everything and learning to respond to circumstances.
  3. The power of focusing on our decisions rather than our circumstances.
  4. The role of blame and its relation to the inability to create change.
  5. Choosing happiness and focusing on the right aspects of life.
  6. Marsha's personal journey through her children's struggles with substance abuse and how it led to her growth and understanding of ownership.
  7. The concept of codependency and recognizing the need for self-care.
  8. Slow, stacked actions helped Marsha respond differently to her circumstances.
  9. The importance of allowing children to own their choices and learn from failures.

Marsha shares her personal journey through her children's struggles with substance abuse and how it led to her growth and understanding of ownership. They also discuss the importance of self-care, codependency, and allowing children to learn from their failures.

They examined the challenges of navigating teen substance abuse and its impact on family dynamics. As a parent, she sought help and tried to maintain an appearance of control, but it took a moment of realization and the advice of a crisis counselor to understand that she couldn't fix, manage, or control her children's lives. Instead, she learned to take ownership of her own actions, build herself up, and respond differently to difficult situations.

Kellan and Marsha discussed how overcoming personal challenges and sharing vulnerable stories can lead to growth and healing for ourselves and others. Drawing from their experiences, they emphasized the importance of acknowledging and learning from difficult situations rather than avoiding them.

Marsha noted that as she began to share her story, she discovered a new sense of purpose and a desire to help others navigate their own challenges. This journey has led to a successful podcast, books, and speaking engagements, all aimed at empowering others to embrace their own stories and use their unique gifts to contribute positively to the world.

To learn more about what Marsha is doing, you can find her on social media at marshavanw (https://www.instagram.com/marshavanw).

Listen to her podcast, OwnYourChoicesOwnyYourLife at: https://ownyourchoicesownyourlife.libsyn.com


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