Episode 132

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13th Aug 2020

Episode 132 – If You Could Talk to Anyone

“I talk to create wisdom and myself to give myself the opportunity to expand love on the horizon and do better in life” - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn

 Why do I talk to others, whether their real-life and speak to them, or whether they're people that I read about or have conversations with and imagine that I can talk to them and what they might say, thinking about their perspective? Different perspectives give us the best ideas. There are many people out there that are reliable enough to speak with because of their remarkable intelligence. Mine, as I mentioned above, are Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, and Mr. Spock, and I have my reasons why I chose these three, different intelligence, ideas, and perspectives. And if I could talk to them, I would ask them completely different questions and enjoy the time with them and express things that I have heard felt and thought and see what they said I would try hard to have them do most of the talking so that I could absorb as much as possible. That's why I talked to others I spoke to learn. I talked to get perspective. I spoke to create wisdom and myself to give myself the opportunity to expand love on the horizon and do better in life.  

Whom would you choose? What would the criteria be? Before you decide who? What would the requirements be for whom you would pick? Like, what are the things you want to learn? And to get to know? And from that criteria, then you will be able to pick who they are easy. And what would you ask?

Now, I want to get to the final thought here, I've asked this interesting question. Who would you talk to if anyone fictional or otherwise, past present or future, and why would you pick them, and what would you ask them? Now I want to get to the point of putting this in a podcast about your ultimate life.

Key Takeaways

“I want you to think about who it would be and what you would talk to them about, like what you would hope To learn, and I want you to take the time to do that I've given you a little brief thought about what I would do with each of mine. And the list that I have of questions that I have for each one is long. And I would be genuinely curious and like said, I'd hope to keep my mouth shut, and mostly listen and absorb whatever they had to say to me and be in a state of receptivity. “

“We have the capability of learning to cultivate and To hear intuition and our intuitive voice. Some people say if you're religious, you say, you pray, and you get answers to prayers. And sometimes we think of prayers is, you know, God blessed me to have money and then I make money. More often than I think we realize, if we turn our hearts and our minds to heaven, what we get blessed with his ideas and thoughts, we get blessed with inspiration and intuition.”


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