Episode 133

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14th Aug 2020

Episode 133 – Why Is It So Hard To Believe?

"Believing in yourself, believing in opportunity, believing in the divine, believing in things that are bigger than you are believing in the future, believing in all kinds of things. I'm not saying that every single thing is worth believing in. Why is it that we don't believe in ourselves and our capabilities? Why is it that we live imagining everything that will break that will hurt us that will get in the way or will stop us in the future? Or why are we worried that tomorrow will be a repeat of yesterday? So it's worth talking about? Because belief is at the core of creating your ultimate life. " - Kellan Fluckiger

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What you are about to learn

You can't achieve something that you can't believe. Having a set of goals is knowing that you think it will happen in the future, and accepting them is the first step in achieving it. So everything starts with belief. And it's no wonder that every religious philosophy or tenement begins with faith, believing in things that you can't see.

It's so hard to believe sometimes because of the things that we have experienced before. It can be hurtful, traumatic, or a bit sad. That is why we don’t believe that something could happen as we want them to be. When things fail, or things break, or characteristics are crushed, or hopes or smashed, those kinds of things teach us. It doesn't have to be that way. But we still don't try. We still don’t believe it. We always don't push the boundaries, and we even don't get it done. Well, the main thing is this fear that we feel now fear is the reason why we don’t believe.

FEAR.  What is it that we are afraid will happen? When we have a fear of doing something new, better, growth-oriented, powerful.  What is it that keeps us from that kind of effort? Everyone shares a fear of inadequacy we do. We all have a fear of being inadequate for being not good enough of being found wanting.  Whether we are honest about it or not, it’s true. Fear of being not enough, fear of being inadequate, or found wanting is this deep fear that I think is connected almost to fear of death, fear of ceasing to be useful, and be meaningful.

What do you need to do to overcome this? Now, there are several tools to use your techniques to get started on doing something to overcoming this, not believing in ourselves. So pick something you think is hard and ask yourself what you think about it. Think of something that will make you realize that it is possible to do it. That makes us continue to accept those things? Because when we think about it logically, especially when we become a bit older, we know that it's not necessarily true. Our rational mind knows well, and it could be otherwise.

To make it work, try it several times. It's just a game.  When you get enough unexpected results, your mind starts to say,  maybe the thing I've believed all this time isn't necessarily real. And when you get a collection of these unexpected results and look at other possibilities, it becomes easy to change your belief.

Key Takeaways

“All of that starts with learning to believe in what is possible for you. Because there are no limitations on what you can have. There are no limitations to what you can do. There are no limitations on who you can become except the ones that you choose to acknowledge.”

“If we let fear dominate our life, we won't go anywhere. We won't try new things. We won't go do the thing you've been wanting to do for years. You won't try it. You won't apologize if you need to someone because you're afraid it won't be accepted. You won't put yourself out there with a new skill.”

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