Episode 803

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19th Sep 2023

From Survivor to Thriver: My Journey Overcoming COVID-19, 803


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On today's episode of Your Ultimate Life Podcast, what if you could transform life's adversities into stepping stones? I share invaluable wisdom from personal battles won during the pandemic. From contracting and recovering from COVID-19, to reframing my perspective on life, I'll guide you through the labyrinth of thoughts, fears, and frustrations that often hold us back.

Get ready to challenge convention with the concept of "W-I-T-O-T," a metaphorical fungus that stands for "what I think others think." I promise to unveil its detrimental impact on our lives, much beyond the threat the virus poses. Set the trajectory for your ultimate life as we discuss positive thinking, the supreme power of choice, and the art of storytelling to propel you toward your ambitions. Hear about the magic of minimizing drama and maximizing fulfillment. Be it your business or career or any other life challenge, let's push boundaries together to create the life of your dreams. So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey to your ultimate life?


(00:00:03) - Ultimate Life in the Pandemic (14 Minutes)

We discuss the importance of learning from experiences and choosing to never get angry or frustrated at things that happen. We also discuss the idea of "W-I-T-O-T," which is a fungus that kills more people than coronavirus ever will and stands for "what I think others think," which is a story we have that if others think badly of us, it will kill us or something worse. We also talk about the importance of being patient with the virus and courageously doing difficult things even if we fear failure.

(00:13:47) - Positive Thinking and Growth in Business (16 Minutes)

We explore the power of choice and how it can be used to create a more positive life. Fear and frustration can never be used to promote a successful business or career. We discuss how to use the power of choice to manifest our goals and dreams and how to create stories to help us achieve our goals. Finally, we provide encouragement and positivity to help us move forward with our plans and stay focused on our goals.

(00:30:04) - Creating Your Ultimate Life (1 Minutes)

We examine the benefits of refraining from creating drama in life and how it can lead to greater fulfillment. We discuss the importance of spreading a message and how to create anything you desire. We also talk about the power of choice and how it can be used to create a more positive life.

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