Episode 802

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15th Sep 2023

The Art of Manifestation: Creating Your Ultimate life Through Divine Power, 802

Welcome to Your Ultimate Life Podcast with Host, Kellan Fluckiger. In today's episode... Ever paused to ponder, "Who am I in one year?" If you have, you'll be thrilled by today's conversation, as we peel back the layers of societal teachings to probe into the vibrant possibilities of growth. We shatter the misconception that growth is synonymous with accruing material possessions, status, or societal coolness. Instead, we widen the lens to appreciate growth in a more profound and personal dimension.

Drawing on the power of divine creation, we navigate the mesmerizing universe of opportunities that lie waiting for us to seize. The discussion revolves around how our inherent power to create more and stay put can be harnessed to manifest physical realities. But don't be fooled; this isn't just about path-opening. We dive into the enigmatic phenomena that occur when we start moving in a particular direction and the inexplicable growth that arises from intentionally directing our power.

Let's orient this conversation towards your dreams and desires. How can you take ownership and mold them into your ultimate life? The answer lies in setting vibrant, emotionally connected goals and designing a powerful plan that fuels your journey toward your desired outcomes. This episode isn't about selling you quick-fix success stories; it's about setting realistic expectations and understanding that the road to success is lined with learning experiences.

Tune in to this eye-opening exploration of growth, divine power, and the art of creating your ultimate life. Whether you're striving to realize your dreams or seek fulfillment, this conversation will feed your mind and soul with invaluable insights. So, ready to redefine growth and step into your power? Let the journey to your ultimate life begin.


(00:00:03) - The Ultimate Life (12 Minutes)

We explore how growth and development is part of the natural order of life. We talk about how if we're not growing, we're decaying, and even in a coma, we can still lose muscle mass. We also discuss how society teaches us that growth means having more stuff, status, and coolness, but there is a possibility of growing in other ways. Finally, we ask the question: Who are you in one year?

(00:11:42) - The Power of Divine Creation (11 Minutes)

We discuss how our desire to stay and create more is to use the opportunities we have and the ones we come to understand. We explore how we can use the divine power of everything to create physical realities with our words, thoughts, and desires. We consider how unexplained things can happen when we move in a direction. We also consider how when we direct our power, whatever it is directed at grows. Finally, we talk about how we are heliotropic and how light is love, power, divine, and growth-oriented.

(00:22:21) - Set Vibrant Goals With a Powerful Plan (9 Minutes)

We set realistic and powerful goals that will motivate and help you reach your desired outcomes. Setting goals with an emotional connection that will drive you to reach your desired state is important. Visualization and creating a plan for your goal can help you stay focused and on track. It is important to set realistic expectations of what can be achieved and how to avoid the temptation of believing that success is easy and fast.

(00:31:28) - Creating Your Ultimate Life (1 Minutes)

We discuss the power of setting goals and the importance of taking ownership of our dreams and desires. We examine how to make the most of life's opportunities and the importance of staying focused on our goals. We offer tips and advice on staying motivated and creating a life of ultimate fulfillment.



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